21 Life Lessons

Last week I turned 21 years old. While this new year sets in and I progress into my twenties, I’ve been reflecting on all the important life lessons that I’ve learned in my years. 21 will be a year of growth, a year of big leaps, and a year where I will continue to define who I am and what I want to do in life. While it is a scary number, while I may not know where I will even be living in the next year, I know that taking this leap and diving in is the only way to go about living life. Let’s jump in.

  1. Listen to those older and wiser than you. While very few enjoy listening to their parents or older relatives, they do have a lot of insight on life and a lot of information that could help you. Ask advice, and remember to listen, take it in, and appreciate a new perspective.
  2. Life is too short for regret. Take the risk or lose the chance
  3. Fuel your body with healthy foods. You are what you eat.
  4. You only need 6-8 hours of sleep realistically. Recognize that and stop hitting the snooze button.
  5. Remember to take time for yourself, taking a day off is okay.
  6. Going to therapy is healthy, talking about your feelings is healthy.
  7. Let everything you do be done in love. 1 Corinthians 16:14 (The world needs more love, let your actions and words reflect love and hope.)
  8. Focusing on your problems and talking about them is addictive. Talk about your joys more.
  9. If you love someone or have feelings for someone, tell them. Life is too short to let words go unspoken.
  10. Befriend an intimidating woman. Surround yourself with women who empower and support you in all things.
  11. If you are destined to be with someone, you will find your way back to them. The world is full of bad timing and distances to be traveled.
  12. Time heals.
  13. Save your money. Start an emergency fund.
  14. Make a bucket list and cross off every bullet point.
  15. Friendship is not determined by how often you talk to someone, it is about when you come back together, its as if nothing has changed.
  16. Set up some structure in your life.
  17. Never grocery shop when you’re hungry.
  18. If you see someone walking to return a shopping cart, offer to take it off their hands and return it for them.
  19. Call your parents, they miss you.
  20. To my fellow millennials/ Gen Z babes, not everything you do needs to be monetized. Blog because you enjoy it, not for the money.
  21. Love yourself, and if you are struggling, find an outlet to express yourself. Work towards being a better you, no one else can do this for you. You are the only guaranteed person to be in your life forever.

xo, Delaney

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