College Time Management

Being in college is difficult, no one ever said it was easy- but was I really prepared to take on so much and truly learn to manage my time to the fullest? To put it simply, no, I wasn’t. My freshman year I was the definition of just “getting by”; I didn’t work, I did the bare minimum, I rolled out of bed to run to my 1:00 PM class and that was pretty much my daily routine. It wasn’t until I began a job (and then two), and began leadership roles in some organizations, that I realized that I simply did not have enough time in my day to accomplish all the things I needed to. Now, after I’ve developed my routine and finally feel that I’m excelling in time management, I can share some tips with you!

  • Getting up early is the key to accomplishing daily tasks. For me, this started with taking the dreaded 8 AM classes. While this was difficult at first, it has left me more time to work and get a somewhat decent paycheck.
  • Developing my routine has substantially improved my time. I get up every day at 6 AM, drink 16 ounces of water, drink a coffee and cook breakfast, and usually check my emails and do some homework. While this isn’t necessarily every day, it is amazing to get up at the same time every day and get things done. However, getting up early starts with going to bed earlier.
  • Throughout the past year, my to do list skills have increased! I started with one, long, generic to do list in no order. This was a great starting place, however, I’ve found that separating your list by categories and putting tasks in numerical order is the way to go. I personally separate my tasks in to the categories: School, Work, Sorority, and Other. Adding deadlines is key to getting things done- rank tasks by importance/ due dates!
  • As I mentioned my routine above, I’ve realized that having a work space is crucial to getting work done. Crazy, right? I typically work at my kitchen table or at my desk. I like to switch things up here and there to increase productivity. Create a space where you want to reach your goals. It should be a comfortable and motivating environment- not your bed as you don’t want to fall back asleep!
  • Lastly, find a calendar/ planner that works for you! I use an Erin Condren Planner with extra notes pages and customized stickers… because I’m extra like that. But try Google Calendar if you’re more of a digital guru.
  • All of these tips are subject to change based on YOUR preferences, but these are mine and I thought I’d share! Happy Weekend loves!

xx, Delaney Hogg

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