Eva NYC Sorbet Tools Review

After using my Eva NYC hair conditioning treatment, my hair has been looking and feeling healthier. I’ve absolutely been loving their products and decided to try out their new Sorbet tools that they have launched at Target. I am very cautious about what products and tools that I use on my hair because I miss my long hair and want my hair to grow as fast as possible.

Healthy Heat Pro-Power Dryer:


I’m not one to dry my hair often as I absolutely hate adding heat to my hair when its unnecessary. I want my hair to grow AND be healthy, so the perks to this healthy heat dryer cannot be beat. The far infrared heat that this dryer uses allows it to lock in moisture and eliminate frizz. I have very thick hair and I was able to dry my hair in half the time that it normally takes me. I’ve never had very nice hair tools due to the price, but this dryer is only $70, it works, its healthy, and its available at Target!


Healthy Heat Ceramic styling Iron:

My hair is naturally very straight with the occasional wave to it, for this reason I try to only add heat to my hair once a week IF that (plus again, I want it to grow). I have found that using this straightener does not leave my hair feeling extremely dry or feeling dead. It actually does the opposite, this straighter also uses far-infrared heat that leaves my hair feeling softer that before. Not only that, but it locks in moisture and can be used to straighten, curl, or wave your hair+ its only $50 at Target!

Here is a photo I took after using my Healthy Heat Pro Power Dryer- no frizz in sight!

I have had nothing but good experiences with these products and encourage you to check them out at Target next time you find yourself there!

xo, Delaney Hogg