How to Collaborate with Companies

I personally, have worked with a lot of different companies, whether it be Etsy shops, Instagram based businesses, or well known businesses, I’ve had my fair share of collaborations in the past two and a half years. The biggest brand I’ve ever worked with is Vineyard Vines, but I’ve also worked with KJP and Jadelynnbrooke. Here are 8 tips I have so that you can get a brand’s attention.

  1. Take high quality, well edited photos.
  2. Tag the brand in photos you’ve taken of their products.
  3. REACH OUT! (the worst they can say is no, or not answer you)
  4. Use their brand hashtag (ex. in a Vineyard Vines photo you’ve taken, use #edsftg).
  5. Comment on their Instagram that you love their product, emojis, or a compliment to the brand)
  6. Email them. A well written email that is sincere and genuine with wanting to promote your love of the brand, that is what will get you noticed. Be genuine. No brand wants an email saying anything along the lines of ‘give me free stuff’.
  7. If you do want free products, ask what promotional products they have, then, if you receive any, post high quality photos and tag them! (This got me a free shirt from Southern Proper, along with loads of stickers).

XX, Delaney Hogg