Let’s Chat: Internship/ Where have I been?

LONG TIME NO BLOG! It has honestly been a little too long since I have last blogged, and my apologies for that. I hope that this blog post will allow me to catch you up on where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to in my life lately. I have recently been feeling so motivated in YouTube that blogging has kind of taken the back burner. But- I’M BACK, and so excited to be here. Now let me fill you in on this oh so crazy life of mine, specifically within my internship.

Internship: In January, I started an unpaid internship for East Carolina University Campus Recreation and Wellness. It started as a marketing internship where I tweeted a few times a week and handed out promo items. I’d actually been working two jobs and an executive board position for the sorority which led me to be drained, all. the. time. It was about the money honestly, paying bills and “adulting”. I honestly was quite unhappy, I was just getting by in my classes, working 4 days at one job and 3 days at the other. I was managing classes, a new position in the sorority, 15 class credits, and honestly had no social life.

I wasn’t putting much into my internship and also wasn’t getting much out of it. I was tweeting, I did a Facebook live series every Wednesday with my mentor, and that was pretty much it. I wanted to put more into my internship and started to really focus on Twitter, I made a schedule and my boss actually allowed me to take the lead on Twitter as an unpaid intern, which was not common. My boss mentioned promoting me to a paid position in April, and after hearing this, I decided to leave my retail job, focus on all of my responsibilities, and take a small break for myself (this is something I never do). I pushed through finals, was officially promoted to a marketing assistant, and now I even have my own video series.

Now, as a marketing assistant, I make videos every Wednesday surrounding the 8 dimensions of wellness for #WellnessWednesday . I manage twitter for @ecu_crw, this typically entails 3 tweets a day during the summer and 5 tweets a day during the school year. I have a lot more responsibility now, but I am in an environment where I am thriving. While I am not making as much money as I was when I was a nanny ay home AND working at Lilly Pulitzer (which I did last summer), I am actually happy and I enjoy going to work. I am in an environment where I am always learning about things I actually care about. Who knew I could learn so much about photography and video editing and wellness? Healthy living and healthy habits are now an important part of my every day life. I have a boss and coworkers that love hearing about all my social media finds and apps that I’m loving. This job has helped me fall in love with social media again, and photography, and video, and blogging. I have found a love for a passion that I thought I had lost. I don’t think I have ever been so motivated and excited to learn in my entire life.

If you have been following along with my YouTube, you may have seen videos surrounding wellness or healthy living that are typically posted on Wednesdays. Those are apart of what I do for my internship. If you would like to give them a watch, feel free to check out my YouTube Channel and subscribe for videos every week. www.youtube.com/delaneyhogg

Thanks so much for reading, this is just one small piece of whats currently going on in my life, but I’m excited to see what the future holds and to continue to grow in professional development and as a person.


xx, Delaney Hogg