Life Update: Sophomore Year at East Carolina University

This semester has been off to a crazy start. Its early November now and I finally feel like I have caught a break to sit down and blog and to get back into YouTube. I wanted to share with all of you where I have been lately and what is going on in this crazy life of mine! For those of you that are new here, I’m a sophomore at ECU and I’m apart of the Alpha Xi Delta Chapter here!



My favorite class is by far my marketing class, my teacher is very relatable and marketing is what I’m majoring in so it is one of the few classes that I actually find interesting. I’m taking Financial accounting (which is a make or break class for my major), and to say the least it is not my favorite. I’m also in a computer class which is primarily lots of vocabulary and lots of busy work. I’m enrolled in Environmental Biology, again, lots of busy work. And lastly I’m in political science, which is lots of lectures and political debates.


I’ve recently joined the American Marketing Association here at ECU. We have about two meetings per month and we discuss marketing strategies for different scenarios, plan events, and I also work on the social media team for this club.

Internships/ Jobs:

I have been busy working to pay bills and dues. I’m currently working as a babysitter on Tuesday’s and at a retail store for skiing and snowboarding. It is a completely different line of retail than what I have previously worked, but its fairly interesting because I am learning so much. I have an interview on Monday for a spring semester social media marketing internship and I’m also looking to go to Florida for a summer internship with one of my friends (fingers crossed it works out).


I have been SO SO SO busy with sorority stuff, y’all wouldn’t believe it. We had recruitment in August and we had 58 girls run home to us on bid day! We then also had 5 snap bids to give us a pledge class of 63. Recruitment was completely exhausting- from the flu going around, to losing my voice, to catching the girl I talked to on pref night, every second and ounce of effort could not have been more worth it. It was my first time rushing anyone and there is SO much I had to learn.


During house tour round, I met a girl named Jenna- all I remember us talking about was soccer and being from Virginia, and on bid day I saw her in the stands with us and I remembered rushing her. She is now one of my two beautiful littles. Claudia is my other little, we didn’t know each other before selections and I came to find out that she is a fan of my YouTube Channel AND that we share a love for Starbucks and Chipotle. Big/ Little kept me very busy but I could not be happier with how it all turned out.

xo, Delaney Hogg