Say ‘thank you’ and move on.

There are often times where I catch myself down-playing my own work. I receive a compliment and I shrug it off and respond “oh, its nothing” or “oh, it was all luck”. I have come to the realization that I do a darn good job with a lot of different things. I have a lot on and off of my resume that I am pretty dang proud of. It hasn’t been easy, it has in fact taken years and some strong female role models for me to get here. I down-play my work when in reality I might just have a skill, or many.

Sometimes you need to write down your accomplishments for you to realize how big of a deal YOU are. Everyone has something to be proud of, maybe its raising your GPA, maybe its graduating, or being a great mom, or being on time for once. Everyone has their small victories, recognize them, own them, and use these small victories to empower one another. I wanted to list out some things that I am proud of, which is something I have never done before. Whether this blog goes published or remains a draft indefinitely, I have some great accomplishments and writing them down is the perfect way to recognize them. So I ask myself, what am I proud of?

  • I have 22,000 followers on Instagram as a twenty-one year old.
  • I received the Employee of the Year award with the Communications team at work.
  • I pay my own car insurance and file my own taxes.
  • I drive a stick shift.
  • I have both a blog and a YouTube channel as a side hustle.
  • I was on the executive board of my sorority and am now on the Panhellenic executive board.
  • I recognize my faults and areas of improvement and I consciously work on them.
  • I’m a cat mama.
  • I am a child of the one true King.
  • I work 20+ hours a week as a full time college student with varying extra curricular activities on my plate.
  • I still find time to meal prep and sleep even with a busy schedule.

I have survived the terrible professors, the home sickness, the awful roommates, the breakups, the failures, the C’s on my transcript, the battles of high school, the mean girls, and so much more. I have overcome and will continue to overcome. There are often times when I receive a compliment and I brush it off, why do that when I am thriving and persevering? Life is not easy, this phase is not easy. Stop brushing off the compliments and start to realize that you are AMAZING. You are winning your battles, you are slaying the day and you are making your own destiny. Accept the compliment and realize that you are killing it! Say ‘thank you’ and move on.

xx, Delaney