Spring Break Plans

For spring break, most college students make their way down to Florida or somewhere sunny, I however, will be spending my time, blogging, vlogging, and working. I am currently trying to save up for a trip to London, England this summer with my big. This entails saving and saving…. and saving. I would absolutely love to get some sun on the beach with my sisters, but I would also love to get to leave the country for the first time, so I’m pretty happy with my decision to stay home. My week is packed with work and photoshoots. Here are a few of my plans.

Of course I’m working a lot, and I don’t want to disclose my schedule for the week, but if you find yourself in Short Pump Town Center, stop by and if I’m there say hi! If I’m not there, I will probably be taking pictures. Early in this week, my friend Miranda is coming to town and when I get off of work, we’re going to go to Cary Street and I’m going to show her around all the healthy, vegetarian/ vegan places and were going to take cute pictures! Tuesday I will be meeting up with my friend Justin (who also has a youtube and a love for photography) and we will be going to the city to do some photos and vlogging and I’m really excited about it because I want to try out some new editing and start vlogging more, and I’m hoping this will be the kick start of that.

The next day, I’m going to hang out with my sister and were also going to take photos, this time were going to be driving to a few specific spots in town to make my next theme as great as I hope it will be. Basically what I’m telling you all, is that you need to prepare for lots of new pictures. Aside from lots of Photoshoots, I’ll of course be hanging out with friends and catching up on college life. And I will be working out every day with my friend that I ran track with in high school and with my sisters. I haven’t been able to work out lately, so I’m super excited to hit the gym again and run on the track.

For lent, I’ve given up my favorite thing ever, which is pasta, which won’t be too difficult when I’m home, because I’ll eat zucchini noodles and spaghetti squash, when I go back to school is when it will difficult. I also have given up bread, but I’m going to allow myself to eat a tortilla with a wrap or a thin bagel with a breakfast sandwich. I haven’t cut out carbs all together, because I’ll allow myself to eat those things as a loophole, as well as potatoes every once and a while, but I don’t eat those too regularly. Lately, I’ve also started drinking less milk and more almond/ soy milk instead. This is really easy when I drink Starbucks because I have absolutely been loving the new cinnamon almond milk machiatto. Basically I’m in the middle of lots of dietary changes (including going back to vegetarian), but I’m feeling great about it so far!

That just about sums up my spring break life and lent! Hopefully I’ll get back around to blogging this week and get to film some stuff for y’all!

xo, dh