Summer 2019 Goals

While summer has not officially begun, college finals have come to an end and I am officially on my summer break. While YouTube and blogging and social media will remain one of my priorities this summer, I also plan to work 40 hours a week between two jobs! I wanted to share what my summer looks like, what my plans are, and what my goals are. I want to be as open and honest as possible, and most of all, I want to be real. I think there is a common misconception about the Instagrammer/ Influencer community that I want to address. While every influencer is different, there is often an idea that they do nothing but travel, take photos, and that they do not have “real jobs”. While I 100% consider this to be a “real job” as I have first hand experience in how much work is put into it. For me, I blog and YouTube as a side job and honestly it makes me very minimal money. I do this because I enjoy it, and it allows me to be creative and keeps me busy tbh. While I unfortunately cannot rely on this as my full time gig, I also work for my University’s recreation center in multiple jobs. With all of that being said, lets get into some goals!

  • Work out on my Lunch Break

This first goal is something so simple that my whole office has been doing together. When the clock strikes 12, I make my way outside the office and into the weight room. This usually consists of some cardio and weights. (Let me know if you want to see my work outs or know more details.)

  • Meal Prep Meal Prep Meal Prep (all dairy free)

Last summer, I made the mistake of convincing myself that I could walk home, cook/eat, and walk back to work all within 30 minutes. Now, I work out for 30-45 min at my place of work, and then I clock back in and have a meal ready for me to eat. During my meals, I watch youtube videos that teach me about video editing, photo shop, graphic design, etc. This brings my energy levels up and also inspires me to create better content.

  • 40 hours a week (get that money)

With my last year of college approaching and all the bills that I have to pay, summer is my time to save, save, save. I pay for some expenses already, and I am extremely blessed to have parents that cover a portion. I have a set goal for my savings account and I plan to hit it!

  • Clean out my life

I am essentially doing a deep clean of my life. This includes donating and selling clothes that I know longer wear, donating shoes that I do not need, and bringing my closet back to a basic level. As I plan to work throughout grad school and considering how often I work now, I need to start developing my wardrobe to have more business pieces and also to be more basics while investing in the accessories.

I hope you all enjoyed reading into this little piece of my life, let me know your goals for this summer.

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xx, Delaney Hogg