The Perfect Valentines Day Dress

Throughout the past month or month and a half, I’ve been hunting to find the perfect dress for Valentines Day Cocktail which is an event that my sorority hosts. All the sisters bring dates and just have a great time. I was looking for a dress that was pink or red, maybe blush, but could not find a thing. There is extremely limited options for shopping here in Greenville, North Carolina. Most girls end up shopping at the same boutique, which is extremely risky because odds are, another girl will have the dress you’re wearing. Or they turn to online shopping, which again is a risk because you never know if something is going to fit the way you want, or look the way it does in the picture. Right as I was in the middle of searching, with no luck, Lauren James reached out to me asking to collaborate. I went though the site and found the perfect dress. Its a satin material with an open back, and this color red is absolutely stunning.

The back of this dress was my favorite aspect of it, the open back with the bow as the tie was a great subtle detail.

The front of this dress was very simple and plain, but I think that it really just allows for a simple, classic, and elegant look that lets the color speak for itself.

I absolutely adore this dress and I’m sure it will be making an appearance around Christmas time here on the blog as well. The Emerson dress is also available in cream, green, black and this lovely red, and you can find it linkedĀ here.

xo, dh