Tips for Finals

Today I am sharing my tips to do well on your finals. My finals for college are starting this week and I will be done with them on the 4th of May. I cannot believe that my freshman year of college is almost over! Here are some tips to help you study and prepare for your finals/ exams.

  1. If your finals is cumulative, make your study guides for your classes in a separate notebook, or type them all on your computer, print them off, and put them in a folder. This will make it 100000X easier to study and prepare because you will have your study guide ready! This alone will save you hours of time.
  2. If you like to write out your study guides, write everything in black ink, then go back through with 2-3 colors to highlight what you need to study most / ways to remember things.
  3. Book your study rooms early! Here at East Carolina University, our library is called Joyner. You can book a study room up to two weeks in advance and they get booked FAST the closer to finals we get. Book them as early as you can that way you don’t have to struggle to find a study space in the Library before finals.
  4. Separate your study sessions. I know that it is SO easy to be lazy when its raining or when you just want to watch Netflix. I have one professor who puts up a 2 hour long lecture online for us to watch before the exam. I try to separate this into 30 minute increments that way I don’t get too bored. AKA plan ahead so that you have time!
  5. Reward yourself. If you study for 5 hours in the library, go get that expensive latte or chipotle burrito you’ve been craving. Personally I will buy cookies and when I get half way done studying, I will eat a cookie and watch 15 min of Netflix as a break, and then get back to studying. Remember that your mind needs to refresh and take breaks, and also, no one works well when they’re hungry.
  6. Write down when you are going to study. Put it in your planner. Plan to study with friends (even if you’re just sitting in silence together). Honestly, sometimes I have to do this to motivate myself. Its not good to study in your room because it can be SO easy to just get in bed and give up. Surround yourself with people who are motivated/ need to study too.
  7. Get enough sleep. This is so difficult to do, trust me I have had my fair share of all nighters. If you prepare enough, you will have time to sleep, plus, you can always get up early to study.
  8. Eat! Pack snacks for the library, take a lunch break! No one works well on an empty stomach.
  9. Take advantage of your extra help opportunities. All of my professors offer office hours. They do want you to succeed, they are not out to get you, and plus if they see you are putting in extra effort, they are more likely to bump your grade up if you are borderline.
  10. Delete your distractions. Personally, I am not going to delete Instagram, however I am going to delete Twitter and Facebook because, well lets face it, I could spend hours watching ‘Tasty’ videos and I don’t need that distraction. Especially when I have so many other things that I need to work on.

xo, dh


ps. May the curve be ever in your favor