Why did I join a sorority?

Hello everyone, now that spring rush is over, I thought it would be great to share with you all why I decided to join a sorority, and what made me choose Alpha Xi Delta. Recruitment workshops are starting for sororities across the country to prepare for Fall Rush 2017, and many girls just ran home to all their new sisters. Now, I want to share my experience and what made me decide to 1. Go Greek, and 2. Go AXID. Today’s post is a collab blogpost with Faith, and I will have her post and social media linked at the bottom.

I joined a sorority because..

I am a legacy to greek life.

My dad and grandpa both went to East Carolina, and were both in Sigma Phi Epsilon. I’m not sure of their exact positions, but I know that they still go return to their fraternity house for homecoming and all the football games. I have grown up coming to this school, and each time I swear I meet another brother of theirs, and we also happen to tailgate with some brothers too. Now sororities and fraternities are different, but my grandma was an ADPi here at ECU, and my aunt was an AXiD. And then there is of course that my older sister Oakleigh is part of the Gamma Phi Chapter of AXiD here at East Carolina University.

I wanted a home away from home.

I was starting a new school, 3 hours from home, with 20,000 new people, and I maybe knew 5 people when I came here. I absolutely do not ‘pay for my friends’ like some would suggest about a sorority. Absolutely nothing can compare to bid day, when I ran home to 200 girls. When you go through rush, you talk to A LOT of girls, and some of the conversations are quite boring honestly. You’re not going to love every sister, but a lot of you will have personalities that click, and they’ll be there for you no matter what. Am I close with every girl in my sorority? No. Am I close with every girl in my pledge class? No. But I know if I sent a message in our group me that I needed help or needed something, they would be there, and thats what sisterhood is.

Why did I join AXiD?

My favorite part of AXiD when I was going through rush, was that I could tell the girls were real. They presented themselves well, were professional, and nice. But nice is SUCH a general word. I knew I would run home to them when I talked to a girl about Chipotle during rush, and when I could just be myself and have real conversations. I talked to a girl who worked at Lilly Pulitzer in Charlotte. I talked to another about Chipotle. I met the president and Vice President of recruitment, and I met a girl who was a YouTuber like I was. Each girl I talked to was different, but in the best ways. I had good conversations that were more than ‘Where are you from?’ and ‘What’s your major?’, I answered these questions so many times throughout recruitment, and when I got to AXiD, I got to talk about real things, and I didn’t feel under so much pressure to have them like me, because I could tell that we clicked.

I think some people were under the impression that since I run this blog and Instagram and YouTube, that I was going to be kept by every sorority, and that I wouldn’t be dropped. But I was dropped by a few sororities, even ones that I really liked. I went into the process open minded, even with Oakleigh being in AXiD, and I still ended up running home to them, because that is where I felt I belonged (and of course I still feel this way).

If you have any questions about sororities, rush, etc., message me on Instagram and I would be happy to answer. Now go to Faith’s blog and check out her reasons for joining a sorority.

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