Words to Live by: Maintain your Mindset

Now that it’s later in January, you’ll start seeing less people at the gym, more produce in the grocery store, and you’ll notice that by now most of your friends have given up on their New Years Resolutions. That is exactly the point of this post, to inspire you, and to motivate you not to give up on those promises you made to yourself at the beginning of 2017. Here are my Words to Live to get you to your goals for the year. I am a firm believer that if you want something bad enough, 90% of you reaching your goal, is your mindset.

When I came back to school for second semester, one of my goals was to separate my day into increments of 8 hours. This means going to bed at midnight, and waking up at 8 am every day. This may not seem like much to anyone younger than college age, but college is a whole other battle, waking up before 11:30 is rough sometimes. I sleep 8 hours, wake up, then I try to separate my day into 8 hours of school/ homework/ studying, and 8 hours of free time to go to the gym, blog, Netflix, etc.. I notice that getting up at 8, is the hardest part for me, but I know once I kick the covers off and physically get out of bed I am capable of staying up and doing what I need to do. This is just an example of how important Mindset is. And without further ado, here are some Words to Live by (to hopefully inspire your mindset).

  1. Go the extra mile, its never crowded. Take a moment to think about your goal, what inspired you to make this your goal, and how many other people are striving for the same thing as you. One of my goals this year was to live a healthier life, this means planning my meals and work outs, and going to the gym once or twice a day. When I get to the gym, I always start out biking, I’ll bike 3 miles with a 3rd level resistance and this will take me maybe 20 min. I ALWAYS ask myself if I want to be done after that, if I’m physically exhausted enough that I cannot continue with my work out. The answer is always that I need to do more. If I want to get fit, I need to do my ab workout, my arms work out, and actual cardio. So no, I am not done, I will be at the gym for another hour, and then after I will convince myself not eat 20,000 pounds of carbs like I want, I will have something whole wheat, or hummus for protein. Knowing that this will get me to where I want to be, is exactly how I will reach my goal. There is a common goal among us girls to be really toned and fit; and do you know why this is such a common goal? Because in reality not everyone is fit and has a model like body; a model, toned, slim body is not common, and because of that, it stands out to us and therefore inspires us to aspire to that. So many people aspire towards this look, but not everyone is willing to GO THE EXTRA MILE to get it.
  2. You are your only limit. This is everything. You and your mind are what set limitations in your life. First of all, never let anyone tell you what you can and can’t do, because YOU are capable of amazing things. YOU have the power to get yourself out of bed and go to the gym. YOU have the power to choose what to eat (whether it be a ‘Treat yo self’ Day or a veggies all day kinda day. YOU have the power to study more, to apply for a job, or to join a club. Bottom line, YOU are in control of your life so take the risk, live your life, and make the choices you want to make for your future.
  3. Small progress is still progress. 1 pound. 1 follower. 1 like. 1 subscriber. 1 hour. Great things are done by a series of small things put together. All the things you do for yourself are going to add up, thats how progress is made.
  4. Don’t stop until your proud. The most important thing for your goals, is to not let someone else determine them for you. At the end of the day, you need to be proud of what you’ve done. I write a blog post every Wednesday and every Friday. Do I want y’all to love them? OF COURSE! But if I am happy with it, that is what is truly important. You cannot let other people dictate your life and your decisions, do something that is going to make you happy.
  5. One year = 365 Opportunities. Each day is a gift, and each day is a new opportunity for you to start something, each day is a beginning, each day you CAN become closer to your goal, but you have to be willing to put in the work in order to reach it. Make the most of every day.

Maintain your Mindset.

XX, Delaney Hogg

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